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MAG Photography





Photography has always been something I’ve enjoyed since my teenage years, when my uncle gave me a Canon AE-1.   That gift, along with his teaching me the basics, instilled a passion for not only capturing my own photos but appreciating other’s work as well. 

Fast forward many years, my focus had been primarily photos of my family and things that I enjoy, such as nature, cityscapes, and sports.  As I started to improve my skills, and with the advent of social media, family and friends would often want to hire me to take pictures for them.

Over time, I decided to make my photography available for others because not only is it something that I enjoy but found it could be a way to support another passion of mine – charity.  Whenever I book a project, or someone purchases a print of one of my photos, I donate 20% of the proceeds to charity.  The primary cause that I support is Neurofibromatosis (NF) research. NF is a condition that affects my daughter and through photography I can  raise money and awareness though the conversations it generates about NF.  Of course, if there is a charity that you are passionate about, I’m always happy to give back to that cause! I’m also happy to discuss any photography project that supports a charity so feel free to reach out to me.

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